Services we unfortunately don't do...

  •   We do not clean litter boxes, pet cages, food bowls or animal droppings, etc

  • We do not clean the exterior windows or windows that are out of reach   

  • We do not lift, push, or otherwise move heavy furniture or appliances       

  • We do not clean the inside of washers, dryers, and dishwashers.    

  • We do not unclog drains/pipes 

  • We do not deal with moldy or hazardous materials

  • We do not clean small appliances such a toaster ovens

  • We do not handle rodents or pests        

  • We do not climb on anything more than a step ladder, if provided, to reach higher light fixtures, windows, etc for safety reasons             

  • We will collect your garbage and place it in the appropriate bin or location but we do not take any garbage out of the home  

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