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A few things to know..

Arrival times:

While we do our best to arrive at the scheduled time, we do provide an arrival window of about 30 minutes to allow the cleaners to wrap up at the previous home with the same care and attention that they will give to your home. If they will be any longer than the 30 minutes they will call/text with an updated arrival time.

Covid-19 & Cancellations:

Once you’ve made an appointment with us we have now reserved to the appointment time exclusively and respectively for you. We kindly ask for as much notice as possible but a minimum of 48 hours. This helps keep our schedules for our employees full. If you cancel less than 24 hours from your appointment time there is an $80 cancellation fee. We are happy to accommodate you with a rescheduled appointment however that will be subject to availability. We understand that during these uncertain times it's always better to be safe than sorry, so in the event that you or someone in the home is feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19 we will waive this fee. Similarly we may ask to reschedule if we have anyone not well on our team. How to pay: After your cleaning service is completed we will send you an invoice via email with options to pay by credit or etransfer.

Schedule Changes:

Depending on the schedule that day we may have you booked with one or more cleaners. This can change due to staff illness or unforeseen circumstances. We would always rather not cancel on you and still send the one cleaner. Please let us know if you have any timing constraints and we can then reschedule.

Moving Furniture:

For our cleaner’s safety, they do not move furniture (couch, dresser, bed, oven etc). If you would like those areas cleaned, please remove the relevant furniture before your appointment.

Patios & Decks:

Our cleaners are only able to clean the inside of your home, and not outside windows, decks or balconies. Cleaners also do not clean garages or unfinished basements.

Do We Clean Everything?

Most everything, yes! For health and safety reasons our cleaners are not permitted to clean up bodily fluids, pet excrement, mold, hazardous chemicals or deceased rodents/vermin. We do not clean ceilings or areas outside of the reasonable reach of the cleaner (ie., high walls, shelves, fixtures or windows). They also cannot provide junk removal services. For liability reasons, we do not provide laundry services or wash dishes by hand.


We bring all their own products and supplies including a vacuum and mop! If you have specialty products that you want used, please provide them and leave them out for the cleaners.

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